Saturday, December 17, 2011

Thanks Elena

I'm so excited... I have my own blog!!! Thanks to my friend Elena for making it possible! I'm completely new to all this. So please bear with me?! Hopefully one of these day I will have a bit more followers.

I haven't been crafting long, maybe about a year ago I have taken interest in this profound work of art! Not only after I have conceived my daughter(who is now 15 months old) I had found my passion for crafting. How weird is that?! Huh? Well... This new hobby has shown me that I do have a creative side and I love it!!! And I would love to share it with all of you. Just a month ago I had signed up with Stampin Up! and they have a lot of awesome products to share with their coustomers. I'm so glad I've join! Thanks to elena for signing me up!

I will be posting up some of my creations soon so please stop by more often! I hope you like it?!!!! Ahhhahhhh.... I'm so excited!!!! Thanks again Elena!!!